I bring you a warm welcome to the Kindertree Learning Center, located in the Sally Zyla Dance Studio building at 162 Manchester Street, Manchester, NH founded in 2004. It is owned and operated by Sally Zyla Addison. I like to think of the Kindertree Learning Center as a place that children and adults consider their second home. A place where all are accepted. A place where laughter and play are cherished. A place where children's rhythms are caught and given a warm response.

Our staff, here at the center, were selected for their knowledge of child development as well as their strong interpersonal skills, they are the strength of our program. When visiting our center, please take time to listen, watch, and learn. You will be enriched.

It is my role and the role of staff to not only facilitate the learning of children, parents, and one another, but to provide quality care in an environment that is safe, nurturing, stimulating, and full of learning experiences that will help your child develop their independence and help build self esteem. We at the Kindertree Learning Center are pleased to embrace these roles and are looking forward to establishing a trusting relationship with each child and their families.


Kristine Larocque
Center Director

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162 Manchester St. Manchester, NH 03103 | T: (603) 623-7599
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